Established in 2002, Alpplas Electronic Division has grown rapidly and has become one of the leading institutions of our country in the field. Any kind of electronic circuit design and production can be realized within the business.

Alpplas has a high technology infrastructure and follows the technological developments in the field with its dynamic and experienced staff and is producing mainly for White Goods, Automotive, Electrical / Electronics, Health, Communication, Defense Industry and many other industries.


Prodution Area

SMD Lines

Quality System


ALPPLAS Electronic Division is one of the leading production facilities of our country in the field of electronic card production with 4 Panasonic and 1 Samsung fully equipped SMD production lines.

Alpplas has chosen the world's best brands on production lines to meet the most complicated productions. SMD lines include 8 high-capacity and precision SMD machines, Panasonic Radial and Axial insertion machines, Panasonic glue dispensers, cream soldering machines, BTU ovens and Nutek fully automatic loaders/unloaders for flexible production. Almost any kind of pcb design from multi-layer PCB to BGA components can be successfully produced.

SMD lines are equipped with SPI (solder paste inspection) and AOI (automated optical inspection) machines to ensure continuous high quality production and to achieve zero-defect ratio target by detecting possible faults before production.

PanaCIM electronic production software, which was invested at the end of 2016, integrates many processes such as traceability and material control.

All kinds of manual components, cables, buttons, LCD can be assembled with high precision and speed within 6 independent manuel lines with capacity of 150 people per shift. In particular, ESD precautions, which are of great importance in the manual sorting section, are applied meticulously and error rates are reduced.


ALPPLAS Elektronik İşletmesi kurulduğu günden bu yana ISO9001 Kalite Sistemi’ni uygulamış, ayrıca 2009 yılından itibaren de TS16949 Kalite Yönetim Sistemi’ni devreye almış ve belgelendirmiştir.

Kuruluşumuz, kalite yönetim sistemleri haricinde ulusal ve uluslararası birçok firma tarafından denetlenmiş ve onaylı tedarikçi belgesini almıştır. İşletme aynı zamanda üretim süreçlerini IPC standartlarına ve ESD gerekliliklerine göre sürdürmektedir.

Quality System

ISO Environmental
Management System



"Our goal in all project is to build up long-term and worldwide collaborations with the use of our product & service talents for mutual success."

Ahmet Gürsoy
Project & Business Development Manager

The difference between the market entry qualification and the market-defining product is the project, engineering and production services behind it.

Alpplas aims to produce competitive, quality products for all sectors it serves. As a project company, Alpplas continues the process of commissioning every product according to international standards. From the first stage of design to serial production, the Project Integration, Scope, Time, Cost, Quality and Risk Management processes are carried out from one point by experienced Project Team.

Alpplas offers engineering solutions tailored to the requirements and needs of its customers from design to project and production, all at a single point. Alpplas Project and Engineering services are managed with industrial certifications, legal regulations and harmonization processes in process and qualifications in world standards as well as customer requirements and special requests.

• ISO 9001

• ISO/TS 16949

• IPC-610 Class 2/3 & J-STD

• ISO 14001

• ISO 7 Room Dust level

• UL®, CSA®, RoHS, WEEE Legal Complience and Certification


Electronic procurement processes are a matter of specialization. The Alpplas electronic procurement team is constantly working to capture the best possible point in price, quality, and terminus triangle.

The procurement team plays an important role in being in constant communication with suppliers, following technological innovations, visiting international fairs and developing and trending and presenting the best solution to our customers.