ALPPLAS believes that the greatest value of an enterprise is the growing human power and the knowledge of it.

For this reason, internal and external trainings are given importance, and managerial employees are planned to be trained within the company. On the other hand, the company always keeps its doors open for new and fresh labor force.

For this reason, candidates who want to take part in the ALPPLAS family can see their current vacancies at In addition, blue collar staff candidates can always apply directly to the HR directors of the enterprises.

Those who will give the best answer to this question are actually our employees. But briefly summarized, all HR processes at Alpplas are carried out in a transparent and institutional way. Success is the most important guide in HR assessments. It is always a top priority for Alpplas to fill the middle and upper management positions with subordinate and corporate culture embraced personnel.

In addition to internal and external trainings, personal trainings in parallel with career planning provide personal improvement. Alpplas is a company that is in constant development and growth. This momentum is reflected in all natural employees and creates the appropriate ground for people to show themselves.


All recruitments are made by the Human Resources Management at the factory. White-collar applicants are accepted on the internet at open positions, while blue-collar applicants are accepted on-site or via the internet.

According to the nature of the position, the initial interviews are conducted by the HR or the Section Officer and the appropriate candidates are hired or directed to the second interview.


Alpplas is trying to provide internship opportunities as many as possible. One of the most important reasons for this is the necessity of on-the-job learning or master / apprentice relationship and learning.

Alpplas has adopted the principle of establishing close contacts with local vocational schools in order to support young generation to gain professions.