Alpplas Endüstriyel Yatırımlar A.Ş. has been providing integrated solutions to its customers with its experience in plastics and electronics fields for many years.

Since 1989, our company continues its leading position in the sector with its expert staff, strong infrastructure, global business understanding, humanitarian management philosophy and customer-focused approach.

Alpplas, is a strategic supplier for many local and global companies in white goods, automotive, electricity, energy, automation and other sectors.

Alpplas uses its production capability to achieve the highest quality that meets customer demand and special demands in all processes. With its technical and expert staff, state-of-the-art machinery park and production experience, Alpplas has the experience and equipment to respond to projects of all kinds and sizes.

We simply call this






at all"

Alpplas offers end-to-end industrial solutions with one brand.

Planning, development, pricing, prototype, serial production ...

Innovative integrated workflow, experience and high technology over the years in both the electronics and plastics fields

What can we produce for you?