Our journey which started in 1989 in Istanbul with 4 injection machines continues today with over 80 injection machines. The company specialized in many different side process such as wet painting, screen printing, pad printing and assembly over the years and become an integrated system supplier in the sector.

Alpplas, which has made many innovations in plastics, has become the first company to bring gas assisted plastic injection technology to Turkey many years ago. In addition to plastic injection it also has considerable experience in the field of injection mold design and manufacturing.

Especially the company that specializes mainly in the white goods sector is an approved supplier of global factories of leading companies such as Arçelik, BSH, Electrolux, Vestel.


Bolu Plant






Especially in plastic injection parts where aesthetics and functionality are important, ALPPLAS has earned a rightful reputation with its experience and technical knowledge. Combining this technical skill with a machine park that is constantly up to date, Alpplas plays an important role as an one point supplier to companies that needs reliable partner in the competitive environment of the global market. Achieving and sustaining high quality with competitive costs is a constant goal for Alpplas.

The injection machine park spreads from 50 to 1,200 tons of clamping force, supported by advanced technology dosing and mixing systems and fully automated robots. In addition, some of the injection machines are equipped with gas injection technology which provides significant material savings, high surface quality and increased strength.


Machine Range


Alpplas has more than 15 years of experience in wet painting. Each year millions of many different products are painted from oven knot to dishwasher front panel in two painting facility. Two-station horizontal fully automated painting line, two multi-axis painting robots and manual painting booths can be used to answer all kinds of needs. With automatic dosing systems and air-conditioned environment, the European standards of painting are offered to the customers with the flexibility and quality they need.

Besides the production, Alpplas works with leading paint supplier companies to develop project passed paints according to customer needs. The company which has extensive testing capabilities related to the wet painting process is able to offer on-site solutions.


ALPPLAS müşterilerine sadece plastik parça değil aynı zamanda boyanmış, serigrafisi yapılmış ve gruplanarak montajı yapılmış bir şekilde ürün tedarik etmektedir.

Bu sayede ana sanayiye üretimde önemli maliyet ve süre avantajları yaratılmaktadır.


Mold design and manufacturing is one of the most important processes for integrated plastic injection production. Alpplas designs and manufactures injection tools in many projects, giving customers the opportunity to focus on their core business and helps them to use project resources at the optimum level. High precision molds are produced in the mold manufacturing section of Istanbul factory.

The department which contains the design and analysis software, can produce the molds with the weight up to 3 tons. In addition to in-house production, various projects are carried out with external suppliers and coordination is provided by Alpplas technical teams.


In 2001, we established our quality assurance system in accordance with ISO 9001 in Bolu plant and ISO 9001 certificate was taken first.

Today, our Bolu and İstanbul plants have been implementing ISO9001 Quality Management System and ISO14001 Environment Management System for many years. Besides, OHSAS18001 Occupational Health and Safety Management System is also available in Bolu plant.


Nowadays, the subcomponents used by the main industries in their products are complicated and their quality and quantity are increased; production processes are diversified and grow in volume. This situation has complicated the projects of plastic parts beyond "a mold project".

Besides the main injection and gas injection process, increasing number of secondary operations such as painting, printing, marking, welding and hot stamping process increase the need for more complex and integrated management of these processes.

As Alpplas project team, we run all the processes from one point to the other until we start serial production. Management of internal and external mold projects, subcomponent procurement management and approval system, recruitment of secondary operations, acceptance of test and control equipments, completion of approval documentation, integration of new technologies and project developments are included in the project team's duties.